Our team provides property development, new construction and remodel services for commercial, institutional, medical and industrial projects in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Alabama

"There are many factors that impact the decision to construct. Selection of a delivery path is paramount to success. Whether General Contracting, Construction Management or Design Build, we contribute our extensive experience to the Design Team to ensure success." --Wes McClure

General Contracting

This delivery method occurs when an Owner has engaged directly with the design professionals to develop a complete set of Construction Documents and seeks competitive bids for a stipulated amount.

Construction Management

This delivery method occurs when an Owner seeks to develop a synergy between the design and construction professionals early in document development. This approach may also be fitting when an Owner has proceeded with document development but requires expedition of construction prior to document completion to meet schedule constraints. The Construction Manager contributes to the design team by providing site evaluations, constructibility reviews, value engineering, life cycle cost analysis, project budgeting, and critical path management. This delivery approach is synonymous with cost-plus methodology whereby management fees are identified as part of the selection process and all subsequent cost information is transparent. This approach eliminates common concerns for the true cost values associated with scope changes, value engineering and project betterment.

Design Build

This delivery method occurs when an Owner seeks to create a single point of responsibility for the management of their program. This method mirrors the attributes of construction management but adds the responsibility of design development offering a streamline approach to project expedition.